These books

  1. 1984 – Ever hear of Orweillan?
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire – Violence, realism, tragedy, sex. And violence. Like.
  3. Discworld – Action, fantasy, humor and slightly sexual things
  4. Don Quixote – Quirky guy in knight suit.
  5. Ender’s Game – Ender, the xenocide. The hyperintelligent kid who plays a game annihilates aliens.
  6. It – Well shit. Some pages made me read twice because I cannot believe I’ve just read that.
  7. Lord of the Flies – A bunch of kids in an island slowly developing psychotic symptoms.
  8. Speaker for the Dead – Sequel to Ender’s Game. Philosophy and miscommunication. Ender still a badass, in a peaceful way. (I have a hard copy of this oh yea haha)
  9. To Kill a Mockingbird – Nice. My introduction to book classics. Not actually, that was Don Quixote 😛
  10. The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Read this while I was in high school. I only remember that it was a nice read.
  11. The Hobbit – Inconsistent with the creatures from the LotR books but still nice.
  12. The Long Walk – Another King book. Morals are all over the place. I mean, it makes no sense to have a competition where the losers get executed.
  13. Tuesdays with Morrie – I didn’t quite understand this after reading. Read it on our attic along with The Five People… collecting dust while I was in high school.

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