These links

Links that I hope to visit/read on my free times. Which is ONCE in a fucking blue moon.

  1. 500px/Ivan Kislov – Pictures of animals to pinch
  2. how I ended up conducting the most successful technical interviews with a single question – “will you please tell me about the best project that you’ve ever created?”
  3. Letter to a Young Haskell Enthusiast – programmer ethics
  4. Code Review – An example setup of code review process that works for the author. Might learn something from it.
  5. C++ React Library – Keeping this link. As a reminder that I want to learn reactive programming.
  6. A Visual Expedition Inside the Linux File System
  7. Clever Psychological Life Hacks … – Does this even work? I think I’ll try.
  8. Introduction to Vala – I fucked around Vala when I switched to elementaryOS. Haven’t followed up since.
  9. AngularJS Testing with Karma and Jasmine – I told the team to use tests! 😦
  10. How to be a Programmer – Hey nice article! Why don’t I read you after some time. (Been sitting in my Pocket list for > 3 months)
  11. Gitflow – A nice git process tool for nvie’s git model.
  12. Kernel 101 – I’m on linux now! I should be able to do this at least?
  13. Computer Science from the Bottom Up – Low level computer science shit. Great for programmers or hobbyist with lots of free time.
  14. Beej’s Guide to Network Programming
  15. Google C++ Style Guide – I’ve read this. Helped a C++ dumbass like me.
  16. The Eudyptula Challenge – Registered some time ago. No activity from me ever since.
  17. Bit Twiddling Hacks – Bit manipulation cheat sheet for C/C++
  18. Problem of the Day – Project Euler lite.
  19. Noisli – Try it. Background sounds when you’re working.
  20. Understanding Quaternions – Artifact from when I was researching for accelerometer/gyrometer things.
  21. Linux command line Tips

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