A Collection of Thoughts

  1. i do really want a cat. planning to move out to a studio type apartment just to have my own cat.
  2. contemplating resignation. get a job with a lighter workload and apply for graduate studies.
  3. the fuck is with these neighbors. it is 1 am. i can feel the bass of their videoke.
  4. still thinking if i would like to have my own car.
  5. i left work today at 11:30 pm.
    (new record: aug23 12:45)
    (new record: i don’t remember, around december 2014 at korea 2:00am)
  6. i hope she’s doing okay.
  7. i should get back to that guitar thing. or at least make time for a side project.
  8. dude, learn blender, at least get some experience in 3d modeling
  9. my fingers hurt. i’m trying to play the guitar. note keyword: trying
  10. i’m also trying out card shuffling and things related. it’s a nice hobby i think.
  11. i got a girlfriend. at age 22, i got my first and hopefully my last girlfriend. holy shit. o_o

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