Bucket List

I’ll try to get these things before I turn 30.

  1. Get a cat – a small all-black cat with short fur.
    (Updaate JAN/20/2015) I know it’s breed name. They’re called Bombay Cat. I want a Bombay Cat lol
  2. Get a car – and driving license. actually low priority but it’ll be nice to have.
  3. Get a house – planning on renting a studio-type apartment, then investing on a house, then investing on a house overseas! yea!
  4. Post graduate studies – might take math. or another computer science. or psychology.
    (Update AUG/17/2015) I’m taking MS Computer Science in UP DIliman! Good job bro 😀
  5. Own a company – I’ll name it: enmis inc. still not sure what it’ll do, heh.
  6. Travel overseas – a week in europe, canada, US, japan, australia. i’d prefer to have a friend, or a girlfriend along. then i’ll throw loads of snowballs at her.
    (Update JAN/17/2015) I traveled to South Korea for work. I got to see snow. Work is stupidly stressful.
  7. Learn to ice-skate – this is easy. there’s a skating rink in mall of asia, or at megamall.
    (Update JAN/17/2015) I’m not there yet, but I know how to not fall.
  8. Play the guitar – not just playing, but playing with skill! I have a guitar, just need time to learn.
    (Update JAN/17/2015) I can do some tunes, but not enough. Will not be crossing out for now, I want to learn moar.
  9. Join sports activities – there’s a program in my company. maybe it’ll make it easier?
  10. Get a macbook – or a linux book if I just can’t afford a macbook. but I’ll get it eventually.
    (Update JAN/17/2015) Holy shit, I really got a macbook. I’m typing on it now 😀
  11. Publish an app – android apps are easier. might even publish a tizen app. or an ios app.
  12. Contribute to OSS – I’ve been trying this since last year. will try again later.
  13. Learn how to cook – I can’t do this in my current apartment, the kitchen suffices but it stinks. I’ll until I have my own, then cook breakfast for a special someone, then I’ll be happy.
    (Update AUG/17/2015) I cooked giniling for my special someone. Yay me!
  14. Teach – I’m planning to do this while taking my masters study. Even just as a lab instructor.
    (Update AUG/17/2015) I held knowledge sharing while I was in Samsung. Good times
  15. Create my portfolio site – Will host on github pages using a static cms. Hugo is a good candidate

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